BN/De Stem reporter visits San Martin de Amacayacu

Last week, BN/deStem journalist Wim van den Broek was visiting San Martin de Amacayacu with Gerard Verschoor for his special report on the community┬┤s fish pond project which will be awarded the BN/De Stem Development Prize 2009 on the 31st of May in the Chass├ę theater in Breda. Of course, he was taken inmediately to a very cultural social gathering called a minga where he could appreciate how hard work and fun can go hand in hand. Thanks for carrying firewood, Wim! We are convinced that this being together easily broke the ice for his further stay, during which he could personally tell the good news to the 12 families involved in the project, and gather general information about the project and the community for his report. The community sent him home having tasted basically all of the good jungle flavours, and hopes he will be back one day!


Wim drinking masato

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