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Newsletter 66

While the Colombian government is reorganizing the INCODER agency for decisions about land in the whole country, San Martin de Amacayacu continues it´s quest for sustainable rainforest management and local government in the community…...

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Newsletter 65

Dear Small World Foundation crew! Here goes our 65th newsletter and no, we´re not going to retire yet! We are still in the patient process of getting the legal recognition of San Martin´s ancestral lands...

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Newsletter 64

In this 64th Small World Foundation newsletter you can read all about the progress with the kindergarden in San Martin de Amacayacu and a visit to the Ethnobiology Congress in Popayan, Colombia! Nieuwsbrief64 Newsletter64

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Newsletter 63

In this 63rd Small World Foundation newsletter: Great fund raising events (you may have some ideas yourself??) and a lot of work to do in San Martin de Amacayacu! Nieuwsbrief63 Newsletter63

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Newsletter 62

This 62nd Small World Foundation newsletter: José Gregorio Vásquez from San Martin de Amacayacu visits the Netherlands and France! A great embassador for the community! Newsletter62 Nieuwsbrief62    

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Newsletter 61

Woowww such exciting jungle expeditiones by San Martin´s environmental guard: They detect all kinds of things… And a boat was stolen… Newsletter 61 Nieuwsbrief 61

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Newsletter 60

Tourism supports kindergarden Tuirupü in San Martin de Amacayacu!! Great news..!! Newsletter 60 Nieuwsbrief 60

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Newsletter 59

The Darrell Posey Small Grant (www funded environmental team from San Martin de Amacayacu visits the community of Buenos Aires (Cothué) and discover their reality… Newsletter59 Nieuwsbrief59

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Newsletter 58

At the Wone Congress the people decide on a new reserve for San Martin de Amacayacu! And we raised money during a village breakfast event in Baarle… Nieuwsbrief58

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Newsletter 57

We must say: WHAT A GREAT SUMMER WE HAD! Hilarious toilet service at the Farmers Day and at the Tractor Pulling weekend, raising more than 4000 euro to support the ancestral land claim of the...