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Newsletter 37 0

Newsletter 37

While people in San Martin remain busy with meetings and more meetings, the Small World Foundation keeps working hard on additional projects: Give A Toilet, an exclusive jewelly collection from the hands of Jorge...

Newsletter 36 0

Newsletter 36

What is San Martin doing these days? Meetings, meetings, meetings.. digging, digging, digging (with new shovels, wheel carriers and buckets from now on) … and drinking clean water! Read all about it: Newsletter 36...

ORIT is chipping in too! 0

ORIT is chipping in too!

Check this: the first three of NINE ORIT tanks installed in San Martin de Amacayacu! The other SIX will be coming up soon!!!! Family Gregorio-Dasilva Family Moran-Paime Family Santos-Luis



Here they go….. We are ready for part III of GET WATER&BOAT FOR SAN MARTIN DONE!!! Family Santamaria-Pinto Family Peña-Noriega Family Moran (another) Family Moran Family Santos and uhh.. (alias Jillo!) Family Jimenez-Moran Family...

INCODER fish pond workshop in San Martin 0

INCODER fish pond workshop in San Martin

Since the first fish pond construction materials safely arrived in San Martin de Amacayacu, we thought it was a good idea to invite the INCODER fish pond technical staff to give us all necessary...

newsletter 35 0

newsletter 35

The first newsletter of 2011: exciting developments on the ancestral lands theme, Javier Diaz back in San Martin, fish pond money in the account (and spent by now!!), and… please read!! Newsletter 35 Nieuwsbrief...

Got Part I DONE! 0

Got Part I DONE!

Check here: all 12 water tanks of GET WATER&TRANSPORT FOR SAN MARTIN DONE installed in San Martin de Amacayacu!!!

Newsletter 34 0

Newsletter 34

The last newsletter of 2010! With (1) the start of the request for San Martin´s ancestral lands, (2) the fish pond situation (despite the good hopes no $$ on the bank account..) en the...