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Newsletter 28 0

Newsletter 28

The last newsletter of 2009: Reinaldo finished the mapping fieldwork and technical support is on the way, the Zeezicht charity dinner was a success (270 euro!!), there are still no fishponds, the otter research is...

Mirte Gosker´s “Forgotten Story” is competing! 0

Mirte Gosker´s “Forgotten Story” is competing!

The Dick Scherpenzeel Foundation is a Dutch NGO which aims to stimulate and analyse news about non-western countries in the Dutch media. Every year, the foundation organises a contest called “The Forgotten Story” to bring into the picture...

Zeezicht charity dinner – part III 0

Zeezicht charity dinner – part III

On November 19th, Zeezicht and several committed volunteers will be hosting the third charity dinner for San Martin de Amacayacu in the Colombian Amazon in Café de Overkant in Wageningen. From 6.30pm onwards and for only...

Baarle Town Breakfast 0

Baarle Town Breakfast

On the morning of October 25th, Baarle enjoyed a delicious free breakfast on behalf of several local sponsors (check post below). Six local foundations (including the SWF of course) had the opportunity to present...

Baarle Town Breakfast! 0

Baarle Town Breakfast!

The yearly Baarle Town Breakfast will be held on October the 25th from 9am onwards at the SOB building. Before and after having breakfast, all guests are invited to visit the stands of the...

Newsletter 27 0

Newsletter 27

Apart from reports in the last event in the Netherlands, the last news on the fishpond project (why does everything take so laong..), the developments in the Tikuna Cocama Yagua reserve, and the new...

Winning drawing! 0

Winning drawing!

Out of many received, the drawing below was the winner of the Dassepop competition. Tim Peeters received a Lego toy which was personally delivered to his home. Thanks, Tim, for your effort!!

Baarle rocks! 0

Baarle rocks!

Last Sunday, the Small World Foundation was the special guest at Dassepop in Baarle-Nassau. With the magic sounds of various local bands on the background, fairy-faced girls made the coolest necklaces and bracelets ever...

Small World Foundation represented @ Dassepop 0

Small World Foundation represented @ Dassepop

On Sunday September 13th, the annual music festival Dassepop will be held for the fourth time in the Dasseburcht neighbourhood in Baarle-Nassau. The event will kick off at 13.30h and the line-up includes local bands...