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Newsletter 72

The Small World Foundation continues to be busy and dedicated to our different projects. Most importantly, the recognition of San Martin´s ancestral lands as an indigenous reserve. The case has not disappeared, the National...


Newsletter 71

In this issue of our Small World Foundation newsletter, we give you an insight into how different projects in an indigenous community such as San Martin de Amacayacu can affect each other! Building an...


Newsletter 70

October and November turned out to be months full of meetings, big and small. This continued well after this newsletter was written. Most meetings were indirectly related to San Martin´s application for recognition of...


Newsletter 69

This 69th Small World Foundation newsletter tells you about the new Ecovia, a concrete walking path to be built straight through the jungle from San Martin de Amacayacu to Puerto Nariño. Many arguments in...


Newsletter 68

This newsletter shows you how we raised funds for the Environmental Guard of San Martin de Amacayacu: We keep the toilet facilities clean at the yearly Farmers´ Day in Alphen (Netherlands). A great day!...


Farmers´Day coming up next August 13!

Once again but for the last time, the Small World Foundation toilet team will gear up to raise money for the environmental patrol group of the Tikuna indigenous community of San Martin de Amacayacu....


Newsletter 67

This new Small World Foundation newsletter gives you a great insight of a the impressive work of San Martin´s Environmental Guard team. Stay tuned and you´ll hear a lot more about their achivements!! Nieuwsbrief67...


Newsletter 66

While the Colombian government is reorganizing the INCODER agency for decisions about land in the whole country, San Martin de Amacayacu continues it´s quest for sustainable rainforest management and local government in the community…...

Newsletter 65 0

Newsletter 65

Dear Small World Foundation crew! Here goes our 65th newsletter and no, we´re not going to retire yet! We are still in the patient process of getting the legal recognition of San Martin´s ancestral lands...


Newsletter 64

In this 64th Small World Foundation newsletter you can read all about the progress with the kindergarden in San Martin de Amacayacu and a visit to the Ethnobiology Congress in Popayan, Colombia! Nieuwsbrief64 Newsletter64