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After GET IT DONE raised 860 euro with the GIVASHIT concept at the Solar Festival and Extrema Outdoor, we did our part at the Boerendag (August 11th) and Trekkertrek (August 25th and 26th) in...

Kinder garden proposal launched 0

Kinder garden proposal launched

Thanks to Sanne Buursma’s visit to San Martin de Amacayacu last July, we have been able to launch another Small World Foundation side project for the community. This time, the lucky ones are the...

Newsletter 44: It’s DONE! 0

Newsletter 44: It’s DONE!

Thanks to you help and much local effort, we can proudly tell you that the application for the official recognition of the ancestral lands of the Tikuna indigenous community San Martin de Amacayacu has...


May we have your attention please for our newly launched sanitation project GET SHIT DONE….. We aim to raise 5000 euros over the next six months to install another 20 basic toilets in the...

Newsletter 43 0

Newsletter 43

Another newsletter! This time about new projects, historically high water levels and – of course – GET 40 TOILETS FOR SAN MARTIN DONE!! Please visit the following sites to keep in touch every day!...

Newsletter 42 0

Newsletter 42

In this newsletter: A new electricity plant for San Martin de Amacayacu, progress with Get 40 Toilets for San Martin Done, and the first fish SOLD! Newsletter 42 Nieuwsbrief 42

Newsletter 41 0

Newsletter 41

2012 starts with progress in projects: fish ponds ready for little fish and toilets ready to be used! Nieuwsbrief 41 (in Dutch) Newsletter 41 (in English)

Newsletter 40 0

Newsletter 40

The ancestral land application practically finished, the fish pond project featured on Colombian national TV and the ZLTO contributes to the Small World Foundation with a special prize…. Nieuwsbrief 40 Newsletter 40



Thanks to everyone… WE´VE GOT IT DONE! We reached the total requiered 9733 euro for the installation of 40 toilets in the Tikuna indigenous community of San Martin de Amacayacu!!! Stay in touch on...

Newsletter 39 0

Newsletter 39

Working hard for land rights, toilets, fund raising and much more!! Nieuwsbrief 39 Newsletter 39