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Newsletter 100

Finally, after many years full of obstacles, we can report about a government visit to San Martin de Amacayacu and the TICOYA indigenous reserve again to gather the required information to support the 2019...


Newsletter 99

Here goes fantastic news! Quickly read about the upcoming ANT visit to the TICOYA reserve at the end of November, without a doubt an important step. We thank you for all the loyal support...


Newsletter 98

While the Dutch summer is coming to an end, the Amazon dry season is at its height. Allwatertanks are empty, there is not much fish in the rivers and everyone is busy making agricultural...


New publication!

We are proud to present this new educational and informative publication, which is a result of the work of Ana Maria Monsalve Cuartas, the Tikuna in San Martin de Amacayacu and the Uitoto of...


Newsletter 97

After almost 18 months there was real contact again with Colombia┬┤s ANT about the application for ancestral land recognition for San Martin de Amacayacu. In the next newsletter, we will report on the follow-up....


Newsletter 96

How strange it sounds: Thanks to the Brazilian Covid strain present here in the Amazon, massive campaigns are assuring an efficient vaccination of all rainforest inhabitants. And, lucky enough a fish pond project is...

Newsletter 95 0

Newsletter 95

In this second newsletter of 2021, we are proud to announce the series of maps we have developed to show how rainforest cover has changed in the area of San Martin de Amacayacu over...


Newsletter 94

We wish everyone a fantastic 2021! San Martin de Amacayacu closed with a very interesting pelazon ritual. We hope you enjoy as much as we did!


Newsletter 93

In this newsletter, we are proud to announce that CO2 negotiations continue and rainforest vegetation cover is being mapped over time: Such constructive develpments!


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