Excellent vibes at the Baarle library

Last night, a really enthusiastic crowd had gathered at the Baarle public library to hear mostly about daily life in the Tikuna indigenous community of San Martin de Amacayacu, but also a little bit about the various activities of this community towards the recognition of their ancestral lands. People started arriving well before the start of the 8 pm presentation, to check out the jewellery collection and talk to the foundation volunteers. The presentation kicked off with a photo presentation with first hand comments from Heike van Gils. Some interesting questions were answered, and after a small break for coffee, tea, beer or wine, it was time for some moving video images of the various activities in the whole mapping process. The event will definitly be repeated next year; keep an eye on the local newspapers around May/June 2010!

For those who missed the opportunity, you are invited at the annual music festival Dassepop, which will be held on Sunday September the 13th. The Small World Foundation will have a stand where you can find information, become a member, buy a piece of jewellery, or check out the video. Entry is free, so be there!





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