Library Presentation a Huge Success !!

Yesterday, about 75 people were present in the Baarle library to hear Heike van Gils speak about the activities of the people of San Martin de Amacayacu, which are supported by the Small World Foundation. Even before the presentation began, many of the brought handmade bags, necklaces and bracelets had already found an owner, and extra chairs had to be arranged to give everyone a seat!

The powerpoint presentation gave an excellent introduction to the Amazon region in general, and to the situation of San Martin de Amacayacu specifically; the amazing video images that followed completed the picture. After the presentation, there was time for a drink and some personal comments. In short: an event to be repeated next year!

The Small World Foundation would like to thank everyone present and especially the library people for the excellent catering! 

Photographs: Jesse Musson

Lezing Bibliotheek Baarle

Lezing Bibliotheek Baarle

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