Newsletter 91

Nieuwsbrief 91

Newsletter 91

After a few months in quarantine, life has extremely changed in the region of the Amazon. You can read all about it in this newsletter. We will tell you about the 33 cases that were reported in the community and how this potential dramatic scenario blew over and how luckily no one got extremely ill. All people recovered naturally or with the help of medicinal plants and regular medicine (like acetaminofen and paracetamol). Over here, daily life just continues and the football matches still take place every afternoon. Regarding people’s health, we really hope that the situation stays the way it is. The procedure of the land application has abruptly come to a halt. Everyone is waiting for tourism to restart to generate the needed income, but no one knows when this is going to happen. Untill that time, we keep ourselves busy planting trees and taking care of each other!

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