Monthly Archive: June 2008

Jewellery for SALE !! 0

Jewellery for SALE !!

To continue our efforts to offer something special from the Amazon, we are proudly announcing that a new jewellery collection has arrived in The Netherlands. This time, and in addition to the regular collection of products from San...

Full Boat 0

Full Boat

Of course, the previously published picture of the boat sponsored by oneMen was incredibly boring. So here we present the same boat again, but this time with some people in it… Imagine how useful...

Zeezicht Charity Dinner 0

Zeezicht Charity Dinner

Once again, the Zeezicht Charity Dinner for San Martin de Amacayacu was a great success. Below, some pictures of the guests on the background, and on the foreground the jewellery that were for sale that sunny evening in the...