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Newsletter 45 0

Newsletter 45

Number 45! A milestone, if you ask us! We celebrate with a new project for the San Martin kindergarden! Plus an update about GET SHIT DONE and more!! Nieuwsbrief 45 Newsletter 45

Newsletter 44: It’s DONE! 0

Newsletter 44: It’s DONE!

Thanks to you help and much local effort, we can proudly tell you that the application for the official recognition of the ancestral lands of the Tikuna indigenous community San Martin de Amacayacu has...

Newsletter 42 0

Newsletter 42

In this newsletter: A new electricity plant for San Martin de Amacayacu, progress with Get 40 Toilets for San Martin Done, and the first fish SOLD! Newsletter 42 Nieuwsbrief 42

Newsletter 41 0

Newsletter 41

2012 starts with progress in projects: fish ponds ready for little fish and toilets ready to be used! Nieuwsbrief 41 (in Dutch) Newsletter 41 (in English)

Newsletter 40 0

Newsletter 40

The ancestral land application practically finished, the fish pond project featured on Colombian national TV and the ZLTO contributes to the Small World Foundation with a special prize…. Nieuwsbrief 40 Newsletter 40

Newsletter 39 0

Newsletter 39

Working hard for land rights, toilets, fund raising and much more!! Nieuwsbrief 39 Newsletter 39

Newsletter 37 0

Newsletter 37

While people in San Martin remain busy with meetings and more meetings, the Small World Foundation keeps working hard on additional projects: Give A Toilet, an exclusive jewelly collection from the hands of Jorge...

Newsletter 36 0

Newsletter 36

What is San Martin doing these days? Meetings, meetings, meetings.. digging, digging, digging (with new shovels, wheel carriers and buckets from now on) … and drinking clean water! Read all about it: Newsletter 36...

Newsletter 34 0

Newsletter 34

The last newsletter of 2010! With (1) the start of the request for San Martin´s ancestral lands, (2) the fish pond situation (despite the good hopes no $$ on the bank account..) en the...