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Newsletter 42 0

Newsletter 42

In this newsletter: A new electricity plant for San Martin de Amacayacu, progress with Get 40 Toilets for San Martin Done, and the first fish SOLD! Newsletter 42 Nieuwsbrief 42

Newsletter 41 0

Newsletter 41

2012 starts with progress in projects: fish ponds ready for little fish and toilets ready to be used! Nieuwsbrief 41 (in Dutch) Newsletter 41 (in English)

Newsletter 40 0

Newsletter 40

The ancestral land application practically finished, the fish pond project featured on Colombian national TV and the ZLTO contributes to the Small World Foundation with a special prize…. Nieuwsbrief 40 Newsletter 40

Newsletter 39 0

Newsletter 39

Working hard for land rights, toilets, fund raising and much more!! Nieuwsbrief 39 Newsletter 39

Newsletter 37 0

Newsletter 37

While people in San Martin remain busy with meetings and more meetings, the Small World Foundation keeps working hard on additional projects: Give A Toilet, an exclusive jewelly collection from the hands of Jorge...

Newsletter 36 0

Newsletter 36

What is San Martin doing these days? Meetings, meetings, meetings.. digging, digging, digging (with new shovels, wheel carriers and buckets from now on) … and drinking clean water! Read all about it: Newsletter 36...

Newsletter 34 0

Newsletter 34

The last newsletter of 2010! With (1) the start of the request for San Martin´s ancestral lands, (2) the fish pond situation (despite the good hopes no $$ on the bank account..) en the...

Newsletter 33 0

Newsletter 33

Slowly all things are falling into place for San Martin.. For now: the long pursued water tanks and the famous fish ponds! The Small World Foundation is also uniting forces for indigenous people through the...

Newsletter 32 0

Newsletter 32

This newsletter is once again loaded with good news: the first version of the digital map of San Martin’s ancestral lands, progress building the family tree, our participation at theaterfestival De Parade in Amsterdam next...