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Newsletter 55

After some very efficient organisation and building activities, the new kindergarden Tuirupü in the Tikuna indigenous community of San Martin de Amacayacu is already as good as finished! On May 13th, we all celebrated...

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Newsletter 54

With the kinder garden coming along, winning a prestigious prize AND getting little fish again San Martin de Amacayacu is going like a rollercoaster! Please read the updates: Newsletter 54 Nieuwsbrief 54

Newsletter 53 0

Newsletter 53

In this 53rd Small World Foundation newsletter, we proudly anounce that we have finished installing another 20 toilets with “Get Shit Done”, making it a total of 60!! What a relief! Please view the...

Newsletter 52 0

Newsletter 52

We know we are terribly late with this December 2013 edition of the Small World Foundation newsletter. Internet access in the Amazon is a headache to say the least… Better late than never, so...

Newsletter 51 0

Newsletter 51

In this newsletter, an overview of Small World summer activities with some interesting pictures! Toilet service at the Farmers Day and Tractor Pulling in Alphen, a public presentation in the Baarle Cultural Centre and receiving a...

Newsletter 47 0

Newsletter 47

We ended 2012 and kicked off 2013 with buckets of rain and lots of parties; how about you? River water levels promise mayor floodings this year and lowland crops are harvested in a hurry…....

Nieuwsbrief 46 0

Nieuwsbrief 46

The last 2012 edition is out: Number 46 full of new plans and lots of progress on all fronts!! Please click on the link and enjoy reading!! Nieuwsbrief 46 Newsletter 46